the legth of a rectangle is 10 cm more than its width. if the perimeter of rectangle is 80 cm, find the dimensions of the rectangle.​

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  • Answer:

    length= 25 cm

    width= 15 cm

    Step-by-step explanation:

    FIrst is to write the given into mathematical expressions

    length= x+10

    width= x

    perimeter= 80 cm

    Next is to solve for the perimeter of the rectangle

    p= 2l+2w

    Substitute the length and width

    p= 2(x+10) + 2(x)


    p= 2x+20 + 2x

    p= 4x+20

    Equate the binomial above to 80 to find the dimensions


    Solve for the value of x



    Substitute the values of x

    length= (15) + 10= 25 cm

    width= 15 cm

    hi, I hope this helps. palike and pabrainliest po :)))


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