who formed formed the jacobin club what measures had he taken to remove discrimination in French society and, French Republic​

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  • The Jacobian Club was founded by Robespierre.

    Jacobian Club :

    >> During French revolution, there formed many clubs to revolt against Nation Assembly of France.

    >> One of such club was Jacobian Club. The members of Jacobian Club were mostly small shop keepers, printers, peasants , daily - wage workers etc.

    >> Jacobian Club was famous for revolting against the National Assembly.

    >> The actions Jacobian Club is responsible for the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

    Measures taken by Robespierre :

    >> Robespierre, the leader of Jacobian Club was very strict and followed a cruel policy.

    >> He used arrest, imprison whoever he saw as his enemies.

    >> The people were mainly of Clergy and Nobility estates.

    >> He was a strict law maker in price fixing and wages.

    >> Peasants were forced to sell their goods in cities for the fixed price.

    >> He even implemented his policies to his supporters.

    >> However, later he was convicted in Court in 1794.

  • Answer:

    Answer :

    Maximilian Robespierre formed the most successful political club known as the Jacobin club. The various measures taken by him to remove discrimination in the French society and form a French republic were:  

    • All those whom he considered enemies were imprisoned and Guillotined when they found guilty by the court. Guillotine is a device invented by Dr Guillotin which has two poles and a blade which was used to behead the person.  

    • He introduced such laws which placed the maximum ceiling on wages and prices. They also rationed the meat and the bread. The prices of the grains were fixed, and farmers were forced to transport grains to the cities and sell according to the prices fixed by the government. People were made to eat bread (equality bread) made of whole wheat.  

    • Equality was maintained through the speech and address like the traditional way of calling Monsieur (Sir), and Madame (Madam) was stopped, and all French men and women were Citoyen and Citoyenne (Citizen).  

    • Buildings were converted into barracks or in offices and churches were closed down.  

    He adopted all these measures so severely that his own supporters demanded moderation.

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