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Capital of Indonesia​

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  • The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.


    >> Indonesia is also known as Republic of Indonesia.

    >> Indonesia is a South East Asian nation located in Indian Ocean.

    >> Indonesia is a Archipelago, which means a group of islands.

    >> There are more than 1700 islands in Indonesia.

    >> Indonesia is famous for its tourist destinations.

    >> Indonesia is the seventh most populous country in the world.

    >> Islam is the Dominant religion in Indonesia.

    >> As, Indonesia is the most Islam populated country in the world.

    >> Indonesia is also known as East Indies.

    >> The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian.

    >> The currency of Indonesia is Indonesian rupiah.

  • Answer - The Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.

    Additional information -

    • Indonesia is the country situated in Aisa.

    • The Indonesia is also known as "The Emerald of the Equator".

    • The national anthem of Indonesia is "Indonesia Raya".

    • The currency of Indonesia is Indonesian rupiah.

    • The president of Indonesia is Joko Widodo.

    • Grasberg gold mine, In Indonesia is the world's largest Gold mine.

    • Rafflesia the world's biggest flower is mainly found in Indonesia.

    • Indonesia is the largest Muslim population county in the world.

    • Borobudur temple of Indonesia, is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

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