why does a shaken soda fizz more than an unshaken one

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    The soft drink contains carbon dioxide in the dissolved form under very high pressure. An unshaken soda bottle contains undisturbed gaseous vapors of carbon dioxide at normal pressure and temperature.

    When a soda bottle is shaken the trapped vapors of carbon dioxide get disturbed due to high surface tension and vaporize.

    These vapors leave the surface of water molecules and rise towards the empty space of the bottle to escape out quickly. As soon as the bottle is opened these gaseous vapors come out from the bottle in the form of an explosion. That is why a shaken soda fizzes more than an unshaken one.

  • Explanation:

    • A shaken soda fizz more than an unshaken one because shaking of the can which brings lots of “tiny bubbles” into the liquid solution of soda.
    • And then the dissolved gas has been vaporise more readily by entering into the current bubbles instead of forming the fresh bubbles.
    • The gas can escape from the shaken soda more faster by the avoidance of the hard step of bubble formation which leading to more fizz.

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