What is the of surface total surface area of frustum

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  • Total Surface Area Defined. Surface area means all the area that you can see in two dimensions - this means the length and width. ... Total surface area in that case means adding up the areas of all the surfaces. For a cube, that means adding up the surface area of all six sides.


    When a cone is cut by a plane parallel to the base of the cone then the portion between the plane and the base is called the frustum of the cone.


    Let R and r be the radii of the base and the top of the frustum of a cone.

    Let h be its height and l be its slant height.


    Volume of the frustum of the cone =

    [tex] \implies \: \frac{\pi \times h}{3} ( {R}^{2} + {r}^{2} + Rr)[/tex]

    Lateral Surface Area of the frustum of the cone=

    [tex] \implies \: \pi \times l(R+ r)[/tex]

    Total Surface Area of the frustum of the Cone =

    [tex] \implies \: \pi({R}^{2} + {r}^{2} + l(R+ r)[/tex]


    • R = Radius of the top of the frustum.

    • r = radius of the bottom of the frustum

    • h = height of the frustum

    • l = Slant height of the frustum of the cone.

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