what steps have been taken by the state and local government to ensure compulsory primary education​

2 Answer

  • its good to know that Indian State is paying full attention to improve education system in India and for this they are taking steps with the participation of local governments.

    Local governments are also playing their part in this great mission.

    local governments are encouraging parents to send their children to school.

    they are making sure that every school basic facilities like desks proper classrooms ,teaching staff etc.

    They are encouraging children to perform better by providing them gifts on their better performances.

  • Answer: The government has launched Right to Education Act under 2009, this act allows free and compulsory education to every children of age 6-14 by the central government. This act also states that there should be minimum 25% of students who don't have fees in every private school.

    This act states that the children can easily have a admission in any government school no donation has to be taken for this nor the interview of parents and children has to be taken for the same.

    Apart from this local government is also doing its best to encourage students and there parents to come to the school by giving different prizes or gifts to the students.

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