One thing i want do by the I leave grade 7 essay

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    .> Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t.=There's a whole lot more going on at your school than you realize. Before you leave it for good check out a game, musical performance, or play.

    .>Tell the teachers who meant something to you just that. =Good teachers want nothing more than to know they've made a difference in their students' lives. If a teacher made a difference in yours, let them know.

    .>Make a list of the best and worst things=Looking back it's all too easy to remember high school as either "all good" or "all bad." Take a little time to write down what you really think about the experience (both the good AND the bad) so that in the future you'll remember it as it really was.

    .>Prepare something to write in yearbooks=You're going to be signing a lot of yearbooks, so it's a good idea think of something meaningful to write. If you don't, people will pull out their yearbook in 20 years to see you wrote, "U R Cool. Have a gr8 summer!"

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