pick out 5 phrases from the chapter the fun they had. give meaning for the same and frame sentences.
phrases should be picked out from the whole chapter.
class 9 CBSE ENGLISH Beehive

1 Answer

  • A phrase is a group of words put together to express something.

    Below are the phrases picked from the chapter “The Fun They Had”. The meaning and an own sentence formed is given under each phrase.

    1) Margie was scornful

         Meaning: It means that Margie was feeling or expressing her  

         pain and derision.

         Sentence: Margie was scornful about the rules of the education


    2) Shaken her head sorrowfully

         Meaning: Shaking her head sorrowfully means expressing her

         pain that she is sad.

         Sentence: I have shaken my head sorrowfully when my dad

         asked me to stay back home on a holiday.

    3) Patted her head

         Meaning: Patting means a slight stroke with the hand to

         express encouragement or compensation for an


         Sentence: John patted her head for the way she achieved in

         the hardest task.

    4) Help one another

         Meaning: Working on something together to benefit each


         Sentence: The teacher taught them to help one another.

    5) The fun they had

         Meaning: The happiness all of them had together.

         Sentence: They couldn’t forget all the fun they had during the


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