A body moves 6m north,8m east and 10m vertically upwards ,the resultant displacement of body from its initial position is?

2 Answer

  • the resultant displacement of the body from the initial position is 8 root(2)
  • [tex]\rule{300}{2}[/tex]

    GIVEN :-

    A boy move 6 m north 8 m east and 10 m vertically upwards.

    TO FIND :-

    The resultant displacement from the initial position.


    Displacement is the shortest length between the initial position and the final position.


    Displacement is the change in position vector.


    If a body moves 6 m North, 8 m East and 10 m vertically upwards then its resultant displacement from initial position will be in the form of a cuboid with length 6 m,  breadth 8 m and height 10 m.

    And the resultant displacement would be the diagonal of this cuboid.

    So, the diagonal of a cuboid :-


    = √200

    = √(100 × 2)

    = 10√2

    ∴ So, the displacement of the boy from his initial position is 10√2 units.[tex]\rule{300}{2}[/tex]

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