Q1.You are AdityaTalwar/AditiTalwar ,President RWA , Alpha 2 , Greater Noida .The main park in your locality ,which was once a model park ,lies in a state of utter neglect.It has become a favourite spot for anti- social elementsand also a permanent resting place for stray animals.Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner requesting him to instruct the horticulture department to take prompt action and restore the park to its original condition. write the letter in 4 para in 100 to 120 words (50 points)

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    Alpha 2  

    Greater Noida

    May 29, 2019

    The Municipal Commissioner

    Municipal Corporation  


    Subject: Ramshackle condition of our colony park

    I am writing to your esteemed self to bring to your notice the ramshackle condition of our colony park. A few months ago, it was such a great place of beauty; people and children would come to it in the morning and evening to walk and sitting in peace.  

    However, owing to the negligence of the park in charge, it is in pitiable condition. The boundary wall has been broken badly as result it has become the favorite place for stray animals; flower beds have been terribly ruined; the hedges have grown out of control. People throw garbage into it. The stink from garbage heap has exposed the residents to various health hazards. It has also become a favorite place for anti-social elements.  

    I appeal to your kind-self to look into the matter and take the park in charge to task. Kindly instruct he horticulture department to take prompt action and restore the park to its original condition. Looking forward to prompt action.

    Yours faithfully,

    Aditi Talwar  

    President RWA

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  • 10 – C

    Nehru Nagar

    New Delhi

    June 30,2020

    The Editor

    The Times of India, New Delhi

    Subject: Problems faced by people owing to massive encroachments

    Dear Sir

    I am writing to your good self to express my concern over the problems faced by people of New Delhi owing to massive encroachments. The most irritating problem is excessive traffic congestion faced by commuters owing to these encroachments on both sides of the roads. The roads of the city have become so crowded with vehicles that long traffic jams are everyday affair now. There is no space even for pedestrians in the market places. All footpaths have been illegally occupied by vendors.

    Apart from that, this encroachment causes traffic jams also. These long traffic jams cause so much of loss to the nation. Millions of working hours are wasted every day because of these traffic jams. Fuel worth millions of rupees gets wasted by vehicles stuck up in these jams. People’s health is also under attack from thebpollution caused by these vehicles. The irritation caused by these jams also leads to many aggressive confrontations among the commuters. Students also incur heavy loss of studies as these jams don’t let them reach to their schools and colleges in time.

    Secondly, the parks meant for recreation for children have also been encroached by migrants from rural areas. These make-shift colonies pose serious cleanliness challenges to the residents living in the adjoining areas.

    Through the medium of your esteemed daily I appeal to the state and central governments to look into the matter. There should bebstrict action against those who have encroached on roads and in parks. These vendors should be assigned particular spaces. Kindly give my views enough space in your esteemed daily. Thanking you.

    Yours truly,



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