Write an expression for the resistivity of a substance and give the meaning of each symbol which occurs in it. Plz answer.

2 Answer

  • Resistivity (res)of a substance is given by
    l=length of the substance
    a=area of the substance
  • Expression for the resistivity of a substance

    The resistivity of a substance is given by  

    [tex]R e s=r \times\left(\frac{l}{a}\right)[/tex]

    Where on particular r stands for = rho(special symbol)  

    l is the length of the material that’s in use or the material of the concerned thing that is in use .

    a is the area of the cross section of the material most of the time it’s the area of the concerned wire that is in use .      

    All the symbols and functions attached with the formula is used to find out the resistivity of a wire, resistance of a wire controls the flow of electricity through it.

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