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what was the new system introduced by Mmackenzie

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    [tex]\huge\bf{\pink{}}[/tex]A new system of revenue collection was introduced by the Company. This was necessary as the Company needed more revenue for trading. Holt Mackenzie, an Englishman devised the new system to collect revenue which came into effect in 1822. This was first implemented in the Northwest Provinces of the Bengal Presidency


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    Land Revenue Systems Before British Rule

    Tax from the land was a major source of revenue for the kings and emperors from ancient times. But the ownership pattern of land had witnessed changes over centuries. During Kingship, land was divided into Jagirs, Jagirs were alloted to Jagirdars, these Jagirdars split the land they got and allocated to sub-ordinate Zamindars. Zamindars made peasants cultivate the land, in-return collected part of their revenue as tax.


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