meaning of check in​

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  • Check in

    The "check in" is a phrase usually indicating someone's presence or arrival especially in an airport/ hotel / hospital, etc.

    Past tense : checked in

    Past participle : checked in

    Simple examples of check in :

    Let's check in to hotel.

    • We'll check in there tomorrow.

    At an airport, a "check-in" counter is also there so as to check in i. e register the arrival of passengers going in.

    Also, The phrase means to officially mark someone's arrival at any place. In this usage, a noun can be put in between "check" and "in" to make the sentence meaningful.

    For example :

    We can check you in anytime.

  • Meaning of Check in


    Check in - Check in is a phrase/sentence which is used to show your ticket in Airport to tell you your seat no.

    Check in phrase is mostly used in Airports, Stations and Hotels. We can use word - For flight   for check in ... In airports, Check in is used to report your arrival.

    - Check in is an official word which has 2 different meanings. In this phrase of Check in.


    - The word Check refers to Check the person or arrival or the person who is present.

    - And, the word In refers to Confirm. It means that, The arrival is under...

    Examples of check in:-

    • In Airport, Check in is the counter, where we check in.
    • Virat movies through London's Check in staff, But I didn't saw him.
    • Which Check in do we get for Riyadh flight?
    • Be sure to Check in your flight before an Hour

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