Alguien que me ayude con un texto largo de algo básico que hice en mi semana pasada .

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  • (Te voy a hacer una redacción sobre lo que normalmente haría yo sí estuviese en el período de escuela ya que yo estoy de vacaciones)

    Last week i went to school every day, from monday to friday, i woke up at 7 am and i dress up. I prepared something to eat fast, and then i checked my school bag to be sure everything is on point. My classes depends on the day, monday i have 7 hours, tuesday 6 hours, wednesday 7, thursday 5 and friday 6.
    When i was back from school i ate and did my bed because i didnt have enough time to do it in the mornings. I did my homeworks everyday, but i dont study always. When i finished my school homeworks i gave me a free time to relax and do what i want, like listening to music or chatting with my friends. I went to sleep at aproximately 12 o'clock, but other nights i sleep at 11 o'clock.
    My weekend was fantástic! Last saturday was my best friend's birthday and she invited me to her birthday party at the theme park, and she payed everything for us, we were 10 people including me. I gave her a gift, It was a shirt with her favourite band of music and she really liked it. We all ate a big chocolate cake and some chips. It was 1:00 am but i didn't want to go home because i still had enough energy to go to the beach with my friends. I didn't care if it was night, and i swam in the sea with my friend. Finally we went home at maybe 3:30 am and my parents were angry with me.
    Sunday i had to study and do all the things that i didn't do on saturday, and it was a bit stressing, but sincerelly i had a great weekend
    with my friends and i hope i'll have more weekends like this. Unfortunatelly here i start another week full of exams and homeworks and i have to study a lot!

    pd: Todo lo que escribí en la redacción es algo de mi propia experiencia, algunas inventadas y otras no.

    Espero que te sirva