How were the North American in Latin American revolution similar? How did the revolutions differ? Provide three examples of similarities and three examples of differences.

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  • similarities is that revolutions in Latin America and the United States were both led by the wealthy white male elite (criollo in Latin America). The revolutions were more about securing the economic rights of the landholding elites from the colonial power than extending universal human and civil rights to all the citizenry. After independence, the power structure in both regions remained essentially unchanged, as the wealthy whites continued to rule, and the Native Americans, African Americans, mestizos, negros, y indios remained in the same conditions before and after sovereignty, often slavery or abject pover
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    The American Revolution was the struggle for American Independence from Britain. While, Latin America wanted independence from Spain; Had a ruler; Simon Bolivar ; turned into republicans. Their similarities are that both countries fought for their independence, and they are both American countries.