What type of government did Ghana empire have?

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  • I think it is the military government.
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    I know its late but I hope this helps other students!

    The Ghana Empire flourished over a thousand years ago. At its height, it occupied much of modern-day Mali and Mauritania. The Empire was ruled by a king who lived in the capital city Kolumbi Saleh. According to legend, the army had 200,000 warriors and 40,000 archers. The king welcomed foreigners to his country to help build the economy. Many were Arabs, who helped bring the Muslim religion to Ghana. The traditional Ghana religion held the belief of Bida, a black snake that demanded human sacrifices every year to ensure the prosperity of the country. It was believed that Bida demanded sacrifices to ensure Ghana's prosperity. The Ghana Empire also had a huge military and many mosques were built for the visiting Arabs. The empire was founded by the Soninke people. The King adorns himself like a woman wearing necklaces round his neck and bracelets on his forearms. He puts on a high cap decorated with gold and wrapped in a turban of fine cotton. He holds an audience in a domed pavilion around which stand ten horses covered with gold-embroidered materials.