What is the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 43 meters and a diameter of 14 meters? Round the answer to the nearest square meter.
A. 1,100 square meters
B. 1,112 square meters
C. 2,507 square meters
D. 2,605 square meters

1 Answer

  • we know that
    [surface area of the cone]=pi*r²+pi*r*l
    r is the radius
    l is the slant height
    h=43 m
    r=14/2---> 7 m
    l²=43²+7²----> l²=1898--------> l=43.57 m
    [surface area of the cone]=pi*7²+pi*7*43.57----> 1111.53 m²----> 1112 m²

    the answer is the option 
     B. 1,112 square meters