Social Studies


After learning how to relax, herman begins his systematic desensitization treatment for his claustrophobia by
a. constructing an anxiety hierarchy.
b. being exposed to tight spaces with no means of escape.
c. deconstructing an anxiety hierarchy.
d. trying to recall how he developed this fear as a child.

1 Answer

  • I believe the correct answer is: A. constructing an anxiety hierarchy.


    Constructing an anxiety hierarchy is the first step of desensitization technique, which has for a purpose to teach you to do something that is incompatible with the anxiety you feel in your target situation (in Alfred’s case that is claustrophobia). Desensitization technique has three steps:

    1. Anxiety Hierarchy

    2. Relaxation Training

    3. Desensitization Sessions


    Constructing anxiety hierarchy is a step in which you construct a list of those situations involved in or leading up to your target situation,  in order from the lease disturbing to the most disturbing for you.