I like my cousins, but when we go to the mall together, they drive me crazy. Debra stops and looks at herself in every mirror to comb her hair and adjust her makeup. Deidra takes way too long trying on outfits but is too picky to actually buy one. Dalia spends the whole time making fun of other people's clothing choices. None of them will even eat at the food court because they don't want to mess up what they're wearing. It's strange that we are from the same family, but act so differently.

What is the implicit idea in this paragraph?

My cousins all have names that start with the letter D.
My cousins care too much about appearances.
My cousins do not like to go to the mall.
My cousins drive me crazy.

1 Answer

  • My cousing care too much about the appearances. This is the answer because each cousin fusses about their looks-
    Debra cares too much about her hair
    Deidra has to make sure she looks on point with what she wears
    Dalia makes fun of people because of their choice of clothes.
    At the end it also tells you that they wont eat due to the fact it will mess up their looks.