If you wanted to vertically stretch the graph of F(x) = |x| by five units, what would the equation of the new function, G(x), be? 

A. G(x)=|x|-5
B. G(x)=|x+5|
C. G(x)=5|x|

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1 Answer

  • Solution:

    The Preimage function is , F(x)=|x|

    Consider a point (a,b) on the function, F(x)=|x|. it means

    b=|a|-----(1) satisfies the function.

    Now the function F(x)=|x|  is vertically stretched by 5 units.It means

    x=a , y= b+5

    x=a, b=y-5

    So, putting the value of a and b in equation (1).


    y= |x| + 5 is vertical stretch of y= |x| by 5 units.