(5.01 LC)Which of the following is an example of a biotic factor?

The salinity level in a salt marsh
The temperature of water at the seafloor
The shrimp population in a bay
The amount of sunlight reaching a seagrass bed

2 Answer

  • The example of a biotic factor is the shrimp population in a bay. Biotic factors are living factors that affect organisms in an ecosystem. The biotic factors includes the producers or autotrophs, consumers or heterotrophs, and decomposer. Abiotic factors on the other hand are the non-living factors that influence an ecosystem; they include, sunlight, soil, humidity, etc
  • An estuary ecosystem has been damaged by pollution and sediment runoff. What types of factors should be considered when designing a plan for the ecosystem's recovery? (2 points)

    Both abiotic and biotic factors, from the estuary and the surrounding area

    A housing development is situated near a river that flows into a bay. Which of the following is an abiotic factor in the river that would directly affect the marine ecosystem in the bay? (2 points)

    The types of sediment moving down river